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Maria Morais

Clinical Counsellor


Completing a degree in psychology from Queen’s University and a Masters of Counselling Psychology from McGill University, I am registered as a psychotherapist in Ontario with the CRPO, and as a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the CCPA. Over the course of my career, I have worked with individuals at various levels of functioning, backgrounds, identities, and presenting problems. To name a few, anxiety, depression, substance use, ASD, trauma, ADHD and relationship challenges.


In my role as a clinician, I prioritize fostering a collaborative relationship with my clients throughout our work together. It's crucial for me to create a safe, non-judgmental environment informed by psychological theories, where clients can explore different aspects of their lives. Drawing on a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, I integrate them into my practice with a focus on customization to provide tailored support. My specialized training in EMDR trauma-informed care and systemic theory further informs my approach. Establishing a collaborative framework is at the heart of my practice, aimed at empowering clients to manage their mental health effectively and work towards achieving their wellness goals.

Maria Morais
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