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Quinn Willson

Couples Counsellor & Family Mediation Services


Having worked in the public, private and non-profit sector, I have accumulated vast experience on the mental health continuum since obtaining my Bachelor’s of social work from McGill. I accompany individuals through life events and daily stressors. More recently, I’ve also been teaching couples how to rebuild trust, improve communication and navigate conflict. I’m a registered social worker with the OTSTCFQ and I am completing my accreditation as a family mediator (with engagements) under the supervision of Alaina Gross (PSW, MSW, accredited family mediator).


I believe that counselling is about people, not problems. I use curiosity to cultivate a space for vulnerability and highlight their inherent resilience by emphasising their strengths and resources. I adopt a Gestaltian posture of observation and experimentation to tailor strategies to clientsneeds. My role is to accompany clients in their learning: troubleshooting problems, brainstorming possible next steps and building your confidence to move forward.

I am direct, but not directive. I make pointed reflections while empowering clients to take charge of their journey. As an abstract critical thinker, I use a systemic approach to contextualise social structural barriers, while looking for transposable themes and clever solutions. My clients love my use of examples, imagery, anecdotes and exercises to turn abstract themes into concrete actions thereby coalescing theory into practice.

Quinn Willson
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