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Sasha Boyce

Clinical Social Worker


Having completed my education at McGill University, I'm a licensed social worker here in Quebec. Between my schooling and career experience post-graduation, I've worked with clients from many backgrounds and social situations; notably, those living with anxiety, depression, OCD, CPTSD and PTSD, traumatic life experiences, and more


Part of being a licensed social worker is knowing that you're the master of your own journey. Sometimes life is exceptionally excruciating, and when it is, it's okay to ask for help. Whether you're dealing with new losses (let's not forget old losses that still feel fresh), life transitions, or you don't know how to take a step forward, you deserve happiness, love, acceptance, and grace. Together, we'll find ways to make life a little more bearable, explore paths to healing, and determine milestones that will contribute to your wider goals. 

Sasha Boyce
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