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Shayla Chilliak

Doctoral Candidate, School and Applied Child Psychology

Currently completing my doctoral studies at McGill University, I specialize in conducting psychoeducational assessments to understand how children and adults learn, perceive the world around them, and navigate their emotions. Assessments are tailored to your unique questions and needs. I take a holistic approach to understanding each individual’s strengths, challenges, and how these affect emotional and social wellbeing.   


Each assessment results in a detailed report with recommendations for home and school/occupational environments. When assessing children, I work to support parents in better understanding how their child thinks, learns, and perceives the world around them. With adolescents and adults, I help clients to better understand their own strengths and challenges, offering resources to support clients in self-advocating and pursuing their goals in light of their unique cognitive and learning profiles.

Shayla Chilliak
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