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At Wellness Collective Centre, we specialize in providing comprehensive assessments tailored to meet individual needs. Our team of trained clinicians offers a variety of assessments, including psychoeducational, psychological, and psychosocial evaluations. We understand that each person is unique, and our assessments aim to uncover strengths, challenges, and areas for growth without focusing on diagnosis.

Types of Assessments We Offer

1. Psychoeducational Assessments:

These assessments focus on academic, behavioral, and cognitive functioning, identifying issues such as learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioral disorders, and socio-emotional difficulties, thereby offering valuable insights that can inform accommodations in academic or vocational settings to support the individual's success.

2. ADHD Assessments:

Our clinicians conduct thorough assessments for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) across all age groups. This process involves interview and history taking, reviewing any previous assessments if available, utilizing questionnaires and behavior checklists, and employing various other measures tailored to the individual's needs. We aim to provide accurate assessments and personalized recommendations to support individuals in managing ADHD symptoms and thriving in their daily lives.


3. Psychological Assessments:

We offer assessments for various psychological concerns, including personality traits, anxiety, mood disorders, and work-related stress. These assessments provide insights into an individual's psychological functioning without focusing on specific diagnoses.


4. Psychosocial Assessments:

A psychosocial assessment, exclusively conducted by social workers or professionals authorized under the Quebec professional code (OTSTCFQ), serves as a crucial legal document ensuring the representation of an individual's rights and preferences. This assessment meticulously evaluates the client's capacities and limitations to determine the extent of their incapacity—whether partial or complete, and whether temporary or permanent. Subsequently, based on these findings, the assessment identifies the most suitable protective supervision regime, which may entail appointing a legal guardian, tutor, or involvement with the public curator, tailored to address the individual's specific needs.

Overview of Our Assessment Process

Initial Contact and Intake:

The journey begins with a simple step – reaching out to our administrative team at We encourage prospective clients to contact us directly, where our team will address any questions and ensure that we are the right fit to help.


Intake Assessment:

For our psychoeducational and psychological assessments, we start with an intake session. This involves a 50-minute session with both parents and the client (if applicable), ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of the individual's background and concerns.


Assessment Sessions:

Depending on the nature of the assessment and the client's age, we schedule 3-6 assessment sessions. These sessions can be tailored to fit your availability, with flexibility in scheduling. Questionnaires are also distributed to parents, teachers, and the client as needed.


Observation and Feedback:

If necessary, we may conduct observations in the client's school or daycare environment to gain additional insights. Following the assessment sessions, we provide a feedback session to discuss results and observations with both parents and the client (if applicable).


Comprehensive Report:

After the feedback session, you'll receive a detailed report outlining the assessment results and personalized recommendations to support growth and development. This report can be shared with relevant parties, such as schools and healthcare professionals, to ensure continuity of care.

Our goal is to provide clarity and support to individuals and families navigating challenges related to mental health, academic success, and personal development. Contact us today to take the first step towards a comprehensive assessment tailored to your needs.

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